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Laser Hair Removal For You Back: All You Need to Know

Updated: May 20

Laser Hair Removal For You Back: All You Need to Know Header

Removing your back hair is nearly impossible unless you possess unusually long arms or flexible shoulders. While there are tools like body groomers, back shavers, and depilatory creams for a DIY approach, none guarantee a smooth result.

DIY methods are rarely 100% effective, unlike chest and facial hair removal. Achieving a perfectly hairless back requires assistance from another person.

If you're tired of dealing with back hair, permanent hair removal methods offer a lasting solution. 

Back laser hair removal offers a long-lasting, effective solution that can make grooming routines much simpler and pain-free. Ready to learn about back laser hair removal? Here’s our complete guide for this best back hair removal method.

What is a Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted body hair. It's non-invasive, meaning it doesn't involve any cuts to the skin. People often choose to undergo this treatment on various body parts, with the most common areas being:

  • Face

  • Underarms

  • Bikini area, or any region with pubic hair growth

  • Back

  • Legs

How Laser Hair Removal Works

A laser sends light pulses onto the skin to eliminate hair follicles and stop hair from growing back. Hair grows in 3 stages, and the laser works best when hair is growing.

You need a few sessions to get rid of all the hair because not all hair grows at the same time.

Usually, people need about four short sessions. Unlike electrolysis, which does one hair at a time, laser treatment can get rid of multiple hairs at once.

Who Is a Candidate for Back Laser Hair Removal?

Candidate for Back Laser Hair Removal

Anyone with excess body hair is a candidate for back laser hair removal, typically for cosmetic reasons. This procedure may enhance one's appearance and self-esteem while eliminating the need for frequent shaving.

Back laser hair removal is sometimes used to address excessive hair growth resulting from:

  • Hirsutism: The excessive dark or coarse hair growth in areas typical for men.

  • Hypertrichosis: The excessive hair growth on any part of the body, regardless of gender.

These conditions can be triggered by:

  • Certain medications like anabolic steroids or birth control pills.

  • Hormonal imbalances, particularly elevated levels of testosterone or androgens.

  • Genetic disorders inherited from parents.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

  • Hormone-producing tumors.

Back laser hair removal works best for people with thick, dark hair and light skin. The difference in skin and hair colors helps the hair absorb heat better. However, it may not be as effective for people with darker skin or hair that's blonde, gray, white, or red.

Who Shouldn’t Have Laser Hair Removal?

Before getting laser hair removal, consult your healthcare provider. You might need to skip the procedure if you:

  • Are pregnant.

  • Take specific medications like acne treatments.

  • Have genital herpes (HSV-2) or tend to get cold sores.

  • Have keloid scars.

  • Have had skin cancer or currently have it.

What Should I Do Before Laser Hair Removal

To begin laser hair removal, you'll meet with a licensed technician for a consultation. They'll explain the procedure, discuss the expected number of sessions, and provide pre- and post-session instructions.

Preparing for laser hair removal is straightforward.

Before your initial treatment, avoid sun exposure and any form of tanning for a few weeks.

Refrain from certain medications, waxing, and plucking in the days before your first session. Trimming or shaving is okay, but some hair growth is necessary for the laser to work effectively.

What Can I Expect After Treatment

After Treatment for Laser back treatment

It's normal to experience redness or swelling immediately after a laser hair removal session. These minor side effects can often be relieved with moisturizer or aloe lotion.

Following treatment, protecting your skin from the sun is crucial until you complete all the sessions.

Wearing loose clothing and refraining from activities that induce sweating, like exercising or using hot tubs or steam rooms, is advisable.

It's important to note that permanent results may not be achieved for everyone, depending on skin and hair types. Some may require follow-up treatments after several months or years.

Back Laser Hair Removal for Men

Back hair can be a persistent issue for many men, affecting confidence and comfort, especially during the warmer months or in athletic settings. Some men naturally possess hairy backs, particularly if they are more sensitive to the male hormone testosterone. This can result in increased body hair, including on the back. 

Fortunately, if back hair bothers you, there are solutions. Laser hair removal for men effectively removes back hair. However, adequate preparation is necessary to ensure readiness for laser sessions.

What If I Don’t Shave my Back before Laser Hair Removal?

If you don't shave before laser treatment, the laser's energy might be scattered on the hair outside the skin rather than targeting the root. Shaving allows the laser to directly target the hair root, effectively eliminating it and preventing regrowth.

The Four Keys to Effective Back Laser Hair Removal

For the best back laser hair removal experience and lasting success, think about these four important things:

  1. A trustworthy clinic

  2. Modern technology

  3. A skilled technician

  4. Regular appointments and commitment

Each one matters. Skipping any could affect your results. Missing appointments or being inconsistent might slow down your progress.

Are you searching for laser hair removal services in Newtown? Contact us today to discuss removing your back hair. We're Newtown's most prominent laser hair specialists. Don't wait any longer to eliminate your back hair. Take the first step today.


How can I find a good laser hair removal clinic? 

It's really important to avoid cheap laser hair removal clinics that might not be qualified. If they don't use the laser properly, it could cause burns or scars.

Look for a well-known and recommended laser hair removal clinic. Make sure the staff is trained well and that they use high-quality laser machines.

Is the back hair removal result permanent?

Yes, if you complete the correct number of sessions, the results of laser hair removal on your back will be permanent.

The effectiveness and number of sessions you need will depend on your skin color and the thickness of your hair. There's no universal solution, so it's best to talk to a laser hair removal expert first.

How much does back laser hair removal cost?

The price of laser hair removal will depend on the size of the area and the number of sessions needed.

The entire back is a large area, so the cost of laser hair removal on the back can differ. It will depend on the number of sessions needed for permanent results and the total amount of hair that needs treatment.

Visit our website for a complete list of laser hair removal prices. Alternatively, call our team to schedule a consultation with our back laser hair removal specialist.


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