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About Laser Treatments 

This section will include common questions and protocols for laser treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Instructions 

  • You can not be on any antibiotics for two weeks prior to any appointment. If you are put on an antibiotic for any reason, please call us immediately so that we may adjust your scheduled  appropriately. 

  • You can not be use any retinol products on the area being treated.

  • You can not be taking Accutane or any other acne medication by mouth while getting laser treatments. 

  • If you have waxed, plucked, threaded, tweezed or used an epilator, you have to wait four weeks since the last time you have done that to book your appointment. 

  • You must shave the area 24-48 hours before your appointment time. If you are unable or fail to do so, we charge $25 to shave the area. 

  • You can not have self tanner on and you cannot be sunburned. During the laser treatments precautions must be taken when going out in the sun. 

  • We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel or reschedule your laser appointment within 48 hours you will forfeit that session and you can repurchase for the touch up rate.

  • If you show up to your appointment and you are taking antibiotics or are sunburned you will not be treated and you will forfeit that session and can repurchase for the touch up rate. 

  • If you arrive late or do not show up for your appointment as scheduled, you will forfeit that session and can repurchase for the touch up rate. 

Common Questions. 

What lasers do we use? 

At Healing Hands of Newtown we have two different lasers. We have the Aerolase which is a yag and the Spectrum which is a diode. 

How long between each session? 

Anything below your waist you will be coming in every 6-8 weeks. Anything above your waist you will be coming in 4-6 weeks. 

Will laser treat light hair? 

The laser is attracted to pigmentation. Therefore, the laser will not be attracted to any hair that is blonde, red, grey or white. 

How many sessions will it take? 

Most people require a minimum of six treatments. Some may require more; it varies person to person. Variable include: genetics, hormones, color and density of hair, and treatment consistency. 

Do we treat all skin tones? 

Yes we do treat all skin tones. We use the Fitzpatrick scale which is skin type I-VI. 

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