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Acne Treatments at Healing Hands of Newtown 

Acne Laser Treatment 

The Aerolase at Healing Hands of Newtown offers patients and in office solution to address problematic acne. The Aerolase's long wavelength is able to penetrate deeper into the skin to treat excess sebum production, inflammation, and kill acne causing bacteria. 

The Aerolase is able to treat active acne on your face, chest and back. It is an effective acne treatment designed for acne patients of any age and skin type. 

$120.00 per treatment 

Acne Facial 

Your first acne facial at Healing Hands of Newtown includes a consultation, evaluation and your first treatment. Our well trained aestheticians will customize a facial to your specific skin condition and concerns. In addition, high frequency is added to the acne facial to help treat and prevent stubborn acne and shrink enlarged pores. Dependent upon the sensitivity of your skin, peels are available and can be added to your facial. 

If needed, our facility offers acne fighting  products to be used at home that our aetheticians will recommend. 

$100.00 per treatment 

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 2.13.10 PM.png

Acne 13 Months After 5TX on Aerolase 

Photo curtesy of Michael Gold, MD 

*Individual Results May Vary 

Acne Scar Revision 

Acne scar revision at Healing Hands of Newtown helps improve texture and evens out skin pigmentation. Patients of any skin type can be treated. 


$150.00 per treatment 

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